Studio RED’s programming and planning design process is collaborative and sensitive to the needs of the client and user groups. The completed product is creative and sets the groundwork for organized, controlled growth of the facilities.

We know that a Master Plan needs to be flexible when there are multiple phases involved to accommodate future trends and needs. Over the life of the phases, many influencing factors including economics, demographics and societal trends may require the Master Plan to be adjusted at multiple points in time.

“We have constant communication and work directly with the principals. That has made a big difference… They pay attention to detail and work collaboratively with us to design what we want and what is best for us—even when making some unusual requests. You feel like you’re their only and most important client.”

Shannon Edwards Honarvar- General Monitors

”They’re extremely practical—they’re always looking at how we can make it work. Their drawings are also excellent, the information is there—so as a contractor, there’s no guessing. That’s worth a lot of money to the owner.”

Jack Roberts- W.S. Bellows Construction[/vc_column_text][dt_gap height=”30″][vc_column_text]


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