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“We love that our new campuses leverage indoor and outdoor gathering areas. Studio RED understood the need to create not just traditional church space, but activated, community-focused outdoor areas that can be used to host a variety of events.”

Dean King, Executive Pastor, River Pointe Church


“Their experience in projects of this type is the reason we chose them. How they worked with us and managed the project is the reason we’ll work with them again.”

David Hatton, Churchworx, Inc.


“We never felt like they were just trying to create space. They really listened to the heartbeat of who we are and then translated that into our building. They brought a new level of creativity and functionality in church design that you don’t find.”
Pastor Chris Ryan, Fellowship of The Woodlands


“With a unique understanding of all the different elements of designing a performing arts space, they don’t box themselves into preconceived design directions.”
Dennis Irvine, CEO, Irvine Team


“I’ve built or redeveloped close to 11 million square feet in my career and I can say there’s none better for interiors. They’re great at design, service and most important, follow through. You work with the principals and the quality of their ideas is superb.”
Lenny Friedman, Kenny & Ziggy’s


“They’re one of the most creative firms around-just look at the finished product. They really listen to the customer and when issues come up, as they invariably do, they’re there to problem solve. Probably most important is that I just enjoy working with them.”
Blake Tartt III, New Regional Planning


“I think the key to being a great architect is to be able to really hear what people say and use your skills and talents to make it work. They spent a great deal of time researching and learning about what the staff and participants-those with dementia– wanted and needed. They got what we were doing and then were creative in translating that into a building that will not only be beautiful, but is going to work for all of us.”
Tracey Brown, Executive Director, The Seniors Place


“We have constant communication and work directly with the principals. That has made a big difference. They pay attention to detail and work collaboratively with us to design what we want and what is best for us-even when making some unusual requests. They are very engaged with the client. You feel like you’re their only and most important client.”
Shannon Edwards Honarvar, Strategic Business Development, General Monitors


“As one of the top design experts in the country for performing arts centers, they understand the complexities of these spaces which saves clients a great deal of time and money.”
Bud Franks, President, Franks & Associates[/vc_column_text][dt_gap height=”50″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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