It’s the People: Mindy Wilkinson Mechlem

Mindy Wilkinson Mechlem

Mindy Wilkinson Mechlem has been promoted to Senior Associate after being a part of the Studio RED team since 2008. Mindy, a graduate from the University of Texas School of Architecture, has spent 12 years in the industry as a leader in sustainable design, project management, and Revit coordination.

Joining Studio RED: Mindy joined Studio RED 6 years ago after moving back to Texas from Los Angeles. She has worked on projects of all types, ranging from worship centers to commercial buildings. Some of the projects she has been a part of include Alley Theatre, The Watershed Church, MetroNational Treehouse, the Saudi Arabia General Consulate Office building, and Second Baptist Church Pearland.

How She Does It: When asked what her process for each project is, she “likes to grasp each project and understand all aspects by creating a cartoon set to help figure out what all will be needed in terms of drawings and approvals.” She observes all details through out every step of the process.

Finding Inspiration: As an architect Mindy thinks it is important to be an observer, whether it is traveling and seeing the world’s great architectural sites or just sitting at the park witnessing people interact with each other and the environment around them. Mindy believes it is important to understand how people live, work and interact in order to be inspired to create architecture that isn’t merely just a building but a place for people to come together.

Memorable Projects: The City of Houston Permitting Center is one of Mindy’s most memorable projects. With hard work and dedication from the whole Studio RED team, the project won multiple awards and has been published in Texas Architect Magazine.

Affiliations: American Institute of Architects (AIA), Texas Society of Architects (TSA), LEED AP (US Green Building Council), University of Texas Exes Association.


About Studio RED

Studio RED Architects is a Houston-based architectural firm with a reputation for design and excellence in entertainment, commercial and worship facilities. Notable projects include worship centers such as Lakewood Church, performing arts centers such as the Alley Theatre, and renovation projects such as the LEED award-winning, City of Houston Permitting Center.

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