"Move that Bus!" Extreme Makeover Home Revealed

New Home
New Home. Photo by Sarah Rufca

The home is built and the family has moved in. If you’ve missed some ongoing coverage of Houston’s first Extreme Makeover: Home Edition build, just follow these simple steps and you’ll be “up to speed.”

Step 1: Get to know the Johnson Family, the recipients of the Houston Extreme Makeover: Home Edition home!

Watch the video from ABC to learn more about the Johnsons and the state of their original home here.

Step 2: Browse photos of the build process here to appreciate the immense skill and hard work devoted by Houston’s volunteers to build this beautiful home in just one week. You can also watch this video from RSVPSocial.com

Step 3: Watch the reveal of the Johnson family’s new home, built by HHN Homes and designed by Studio RED Architects and the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition team.

Step 4: Catch up with the Johnsons. We hope you find happiness in you new home, Johnson family! Read what the Johnson girls think of their Extreme Home from CultureMap.

Step 5: Watch the episode on TV in September! The show featuring the Johnson family is scheduled to air on Channel 13  on September 26.

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