Praise for Studio RED’s Miller Outdoor Theatre Sound System


As reported by AIA Houston,”audiences this year will have a much improved audio experience at the free performances at Miller Outdoor Theatre thanks to an all new sound system.” Studio RED Architects served as general contractor and partnered with Hairel Enterprises and Jaffe Holden to update the entire system to a state-of-the-art digitally networked system with new speaker arrays, infrastructure and sound system equipment. Prior to the update, audience members experienced issues with clarity and inconsistent sound quality.

The Studio RED team used a design build process to fast track the project which will now ensure improved clarity, consistency for all seats, and greater musical impact warranted for the programming at Miller Outdoor Theatre. The first show benefiting from the new system was “Arlo Guthrie-The Guthrie Family Rides Again” on March 23rd. Below are some comments from the improved system’s first public audience:

“I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the concert last night. It sounded absolutely great! So crisp and clean; all the voices and instruments were distinct and crystal clear. I sat for the first half, then walked the hill for the second and was very impressed in each location. Congratulations, and thanks.” – Tom, production director, Houston Ballet

“Perfect…trust me when I tell you that’s a strong word for me. Here is another strong word I will use to describe our new sound system, ‘clarity.’ Last night the first act was two vocals, acoustic guitar and harmonic. It was simple, it was clear. I am of the belief that your ears can forgive but they can not create what is not there…and it was all there and it felt good. People left entertained and happy. Thank you and all of your staff, they are a wonderful team (and I mean all of them). Your team is very conscientious and caring. Everything they do says ‘we care about our craft and we enjoy what we do’ and it shows in the end product.” – Shawn, manager, Miller Outdoor Theatre

“Last night the sound was beautifully clear and sweet! Clear, clear clear, and well balanced! Thank you all! I was very proud and you should be, too.” – Sheila, City of Houston

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