Project Spotlight: 3D Printer


Recently named one of the top 25 architecture firms in the Houston metropolitan area, Studio RED is a modern architecture firm dedicated to creating the most innovative designs for worship facilities, entertainment venues, commercial spaces, and many other types of projects. In addition to its creative team of architects and interior designers, Studio RED also has an arsenal of tools that it uses to make its projects come to life before construction even begins, one of which is an in-house three dimensional printer.

As part of Studio RED’s design process, the 3D printer uses additive manufacturing principles to layer polymer plastic and create a multi-dimensional representation of the architecture. After digitally modeling the project in a variety of different softwares, the architects are then able to export the file that can be read by the printer. In a short amount of time, a design that was only represented through a sketch or in a software program is now able to be seen in miniature form and viewed from any angle. With a tool that takes designs from concept to construction, Studio RED is able to fully communicate their ideas with each other, as well as with clients during the design process.

From buildings to bracelets, Studio RED is able to use the technology for a variety of different projects. As innovators in the field of architecture, Studio RED’s 3D printer has given them an edge that allows them to enhance their design process and communicate with their clients in an exciting new way.

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