Project Spotlight: City of Orange Riverfront Boardwalk and Pavilion


Studio RED congratulates the City of Orange on the opening of their new riverfront boardwalk and pavilion. The new urban park, designed by Studio RED architects Pete Ed Garrett and Bill Neuhaus, fronts the Sabine River in the city’s historic downtown area and is part of a $6.2 million project to stabilize the shoreline and provide safe pedestrian access to the area.

City of Orange Riverfront Architecture

When designing the project, Studio RED collaborated with then Mayor Brown Claybar, as well as Jeffery Carbo Landscape Architects and Walter Riedel of the Stark Foundation.

“We really didn’t know what the downtown development project was going to be, when we first started,” said former Mayor Claybar. “But the driving force behind it was the citizens had told us they wanted more amenities that would improve the quality of life in Orange and give people things to do. We came up with a plan that used our existing assets, and the design is just amazing. It follows the nautical and industrial background of Orange and embraces that history.”

The boardwalk and pavilion creates a destination for outdoor community events like parades and festivals, drawing on the city’s picturesque setting and rich history to enhance the quality of life for residents and attract commerce to the area.

The city had never done anything like this before and weren’t really sure how they would use it at first. But Studio RED’s experience with theaters and other outdoor pavilions helped create a design that celebrated the industrial nature of the waterfront and plan for its future.

“This is an industrial area with lots of cranes and structures that move and change on a daily basis,” said Pete Ed Garrett of Studio RED. “The pavilion is modeled after that type of equipment.  It ties into the look and materials of the area.”

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