Project Spotlight: George Memorial Library


Studio RED was chosen to design the George Memorial Library renovation in Fort Bend County, in partnership with Crain Group, the design builder. The renovation will bring much needed upgrades to the 90,000 gsf structure, which was originally built in 1985. The renovation and upgrades, which include relocating and expanding their Genealogy Department and Regional Historic Resource Depository, creating casual seating areas and an Internet Café, creating a new 1,800 gsf Storage Building, creating a new circulation desk, and upgrading their existing amphitheater, will allow the building to meet the growing technology and social needs of a 21st Century Library.

George Memorial Library

Studio RED used a comprehensive program needs list provided by the County as a base line to create an overall project scope.  With a set project budget established with the Crain Group, Studio RED set out to find how to best utilize project funds for the greatest impact.  Through several charrette-style design meetings, Studio RED worked through every square foot of the existing library space, identifying strategies that would make efficient use of space and upgrade finishes.  With close participation with the Crain Group, Studio RED was able to achieve more of the desired features set forth by the county while staying within the original project budget, effectively buying more project scope for the same amount of money as the original scope.

“The renovated amphitheater will receive a new tensile fabric shade structure that will enhance the design and presence of the facility in the community,” said Simecek when asked about notable design features. “Other simple improvements such as an ‘eyebrow canopy’ over the proscenium opening create visual interest as well a functional element for hanging theatrical lights.  The improvements to the amphitheater will enhance the Library’s ability to serve the community.”

Completion of the George Memorial Library renovation is expected in April 2014.

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