Project Spotlight: HBU Fine Arts Museum and Contemporary Art Gallery



To convert the two existing spaces into cultural art facilities at their University Academic Center, HBU contracted with Studio RED Architects. On September 20th, 2012 the newly designed Fine Arts Museum opened its doors featuring six religious-themed masterworks from the collection of Sharon and William Morris, including the Saint John the Baptist in the Wilderness by Anthony Van Dyck and The Marriage at Cana by Marten Pepyn.

HBU Art Gallery

The new Fine Arts Museum and Contemporary Art Gallery marks a significant addition to the University and will promote an even deeper level and spiritual growth among HBU students, faculty and visitors.

Houston Baptist University

Houston Baptist College was established in 1960 as a Christian college of the highest order in the city of Houston that stressed quality of life as well as quality of learning. When the college opened in 1963, there were a total of 193 students, a cluster of new buildings and thirty faculty members. In 1973, Houston Baptist College became Houston Baptist University and is continuing to grow since its founding more than 50 years ago.

Today, HBU has more than 2,500 students, offers in excess of 40 majors and has grown into a thriving community of faith and scholarship. With HBU’s increasing prominence in the educational community, the campus is constantly developing and expanding to fit the needs of the bright and talented faculty and students. The campus is currently 158 acres and contains academic, cultural, worship, housing and recreational facilities including the Belin Chapel, Dunham Theater, McNair Hall, Bradshaw Fitness Center and most recently the Fine Arts Museum and Contemporary Art Gallery.

The Fine Arts Museum and Contemporary Art Gallery will add to the educational environment and improve the community by attracting history and art lovers of all kinds to HBU’s campus.

Studio RED Architects

The partners of Studio RED Architects have designed and managed indoor and outdoor cultural arts projects for over 28 years and have been recognized locally, nationally and internationally with awards for design excellence.

Jared Wood, partner in charge overseeing the design process of the HBU Fine Arts Museum and Contemporary Art Gallery, said “We are honored to be given the opportunity to build a space that will hold important works of art and upcoming contemporary works. We have a continued relationship with the HBU campus and have enjoyed the entire design experience.”

Studio RED Architects has an existing, long-standing relationship with HBU with previous projects including the Dunham Bible Museum, the Morris Cultural Arts Center, the Museum of American Architecture, the Southern History Museum, the Stanly P. Brown Administrative Complex and M.D. Anderson Student Center.


Design a Fine Arts Museum and a Contemporary Art Gallery from two existing spaces.


Studio RED Architects renovated an existing 1,100 s.f. gallery space and turn it into the Fine Arts Museum to house art, as well as, convert an existing 1,000 s.f. open office space into the Contemporary Art Gallery. In addition to designing the Fine Arts Museum and Contemporary Art Gallery, Studio RED Architects supervised the entire construction process for a seamless experience.

The award-winning architecture firm designed a completely new air conditioning system to meet the stringent control of humidity and temperature for the art being stored and displayed at the Fine Arts Museum. They also added an emergency generator, state of the art security system, all new LED lighting and designed new interior finishes.
Grand Opening

The HBU Fine Arts Museum and Contemporary Art Gallery opened its doors to the public on September 27th and will play a large role in the University’s academic and emotional admiration for the arts in the Christian faith’s cultural heritage. The six religious masterworks displayed at the grand opening from the Sharon and William Morris Collection will promote an intellectual growth and creative enlightenment among the HBU student body and visitors.

HBU Art Gallery

The HBU mission: “The mission of Houston Baptist University is to provide a learning experience that instills in students a passion for academic, spiritual, and professional excellence as a result of our central confession, “Jesus Christ is Lord.” – Unanimously approved by the Board of Trustees on February 24th, 2009.

This mission is supported with the addition of the Fine Arts Museum and Contemporary Art Gallery designed by Studio RED Architects. In addition to the new Fine Arts Museum, Laura Kreft, museum coordinator, Cheryl Schubert, a fine arts graduate, and Michael Collins, chair of the department of Visual Arts and artist-in-residence, have taken on a significant role in improving the art curriculum at Yellowstone, a faith-based school exclusively serving low-income preschool through eighth grade students in Houston’s Third Ward.

The Fine Arts Museum opening has given the students at Yellowstone the opportunity to expand their art knowledge and participate in tours of the museum and adjacent Contemporary Art Gallery. The students will also be able to participate in hands-on art projects at HBU where HBU’s Master of Fine Arts candidates will serve as mentors.


The HBU Fine Arts Museum and Contemporary Art Gallery will hold a great purpose for the University and for the arts in Houston. Studio RED Architects was honored to work with such a great University and staff throughout the entire development process.

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