Project Spotlight: Saudi Consulate General Office


Studio RED Architects was selected to design the Houston Saudi Consulate general office. This opportunity came after Studio RED Architects was invited by the Saudi Arabian Consulates to design a new office building with available residential living on the campus. Out of four architect firms invited to present design proposals, Studio RED Architects, the smallest of the architecture firms to participate, was selected by the Saudi Arabian Consulates.

Saudi Arabian Consulates

The Saudi Arabian Consulates of Houston, Texas are appointed by their government to represent their government’s commercial interests and assist its citizens in the area. The office will act as a place to integrate the Saudi Arabian culture, business and government needs, as well as, a place for residential purposes.

Studio RED Architects

Studio RED Architects have designed and managed commercial, cultural and residential projects with a philosophy that fosters creative collaboration between the architect and client.

Trung Doan, AIA, is a found partner of Studio RED Architects and has accumulated over 16 years of design expertise. Being the partner in charge of overseeing the design process of the Saudi Consulate general office, said “We designed the buildings with a heavy influence on historical, Islamic culture. The experience and usability of the building was our main priority, because a building doesn’t have to be grand to have a big impact.”

Challenge: Studio RED Architects approached the proposal in August 2011 with a plan that creatively integrated the Saudi Arabian culture into the building design.

Solution: The Houston-based architecture firm’s winning design includes the Islamic culture with residential usability that accommodates the Saudi Arabian consul.

“The open design of the building allows for natural light to come in but still allows for privacy for the residents of the campus,” says Doan.

The building will hold a strong purpose in Houston for the Saudi Arabian community. The Studio RED Architects design will represent the consul and stand as a diplomatic building.

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