Studio RED Architects Designs Beaumont Event Centre

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The Beaumont Event Centre held its Grand Opening on August 21st, after three years of preparation and building.  The new facility, located in downtown Beaumont, replaces the Harvest Club, which was heavily damaged by Hurricane Rita in 2005 and Hurricane Ike in 2008.

In designing the Beaumont Event Centre, Studio RED Architects partnered with SWA Landscape Architects to create a space suitable for concerts, banquets, meetings, parties, family reunions, and other community events.  The $8.3 million Event Centre features a platform stage, dressing rooms, and audio-visual equipment with two 80-in. screen television monitors.  It sits on 16 acres that encompass a two-and-a-half acre lake, a 35-ft geyser, and a tree-lined walking trail.  The Centre’s seamless transition from an indoor to outdoor atmosphere makes it ideal for a variety of events.

As Trung Doan, partner in charge of the project relates, “The new 20,000 s.f. covered outdoor canopy surrounds the Event Centre, helping create the invisible transition from outdoor to indoor.”  Doan adds that though the structure is extensive, it is not intimidating.  The Centre maintains a relaxed pedestrian atmosphere, and the 2.5-acre lake gives the complex a connection to the community and adds a passive amenity to downtown Beaumont.

The sleek design and high ceilings created by Studio RED Architects, paired with the Centre’s indoor and outdoor amenities, have already attracted wedding bookings far into 2013. The award-winning architecture firm created a vibrant space that is helping revitalize Beaumont’s downtown sector and attract people both in and outside of the immediate vicinity.

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