It’s the People: Micah Simecek

Micah Simecek

From Red Raider to Studio RED Principal, Micah Simecek has established himself as a leader in the Houston architecture scene.

Originally from a south Houston suburb, Micah received his BS in Architecture, MA and MBA from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. After receiving his degrees and spending a few years working as a part-time draftsperson through school, Micah and his wife, Meghan, returned to Houston to build a family and a career with the Studio RED family. While he has stayed in the great state of Texas for his education and career, Micah has over 1 million square feet of commercial and residential architecture projects under his belt; That’s a lot of drafting!

Years at Studio RED: Two

First Project: A 30,000 gsf educational building for Texas Tech University. As a graduate student, Micah was responsible for the interior drafting and construction administration. While it was a bit daunting at the time, he credits his experience in this project during his years in school as a driving force behind his success as a project manager and principal at Studio RED.

Big State, Small World: While Micah was going to school and working full time, he also spent time as a teaching assistant for an architectural history class at Texas Tech. Little did he know, Cal, another member of the Studio RED team, was a student in that very class!

Professional Affiliations: American Institute of Architects (AIA), Texas Society of Architects (TSA), Texas Association of Interior Designers (TAID), Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) AP

A Man of Many Talents: Outside of work, Micah enjoys being a member of the Friendswood United Methodist Church Chancel Choir as both a fun pastime and a fun way to relieve stress!

A Day in the Life: As a principal at Studio RED, Micah’s day typically involves a survey of the past days’ events and the plans for the upcoming days. Working off of a constantly dynamic “to-do list”, Micah can be seen running in and out of the office for project meetings with clients, oversee progress at construction sites, and following up with his team about the current tasks for each project. Pepper in a flurry of emails, phone calls, desk crits, and banter, and you’ve got the recipe for the day!

Family Man: Micah, Meghan, and their three-year-old daughter, Macie, enjoy spending time together at home in Pearland and traveling to explore new cities. A favorite of theirs thus far has been Chicago. Why? The beautiful architecture, of course!

Painting the Town REDWhen asked what sets Studio RED apart from other Houston architecture firms, Micah can’t say enough about how much fun everyone has together. “Everyone in the office is encouraged to pursue his or her own interests and passions, so coming to work everyday is thought of as less of a job,” says Micah. “It’s personally engaging and rewarding, and I’m looking forward to many more years with Studio RED.”

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