Studio RED Treehouse Project Highlight of Channel 13 Interview

For those who have not had the opportunity to explore Memorial City’s newest addition, here’s your chance. Studio RED’s Treehouse Memorial City project was recently highlighted during a Channel 13 interview with Glenn Fuhrman, VP of MetroNational.

Studio RED and MetroNational looked to continue Houston’s proud tradition of being a leading city in green office space when planning the Treehouse Memorial City project. Their desire for a greener environment combined with innovative creativity resulted in what they believe will be the office of the future. LEED Platinum Certified, the Treehouse Memorial City is the highest rated Core and Shell LEED Platinum in Texas, and second highest rated Core and Shell LEED Platinum in the Nation.

The Treehouse Memorial City incorporates several structural features, as well as many unique, creative and fun ways to encourage visitors and employees to lead a healthier and greener lifestyle, including:

  • Thirty-five 400 feet deep geothermal wells used to in conjunction with the cooling tower, which recharges the well field at night. The condensation from the air conditioner is used to flush the plumbing fixtures.
  • Green roof of native plants filters rain water that is collected in 2 cisterns. The stored water is used as irrigation for the roof and site landscaping as needed.
  • Solar panels on the roof are used to offset 3.5% of the building’s energy use
  • Three flat screens providing educational information about recycling and environmental topics located in the entryway
  • Bike storage and showers to encourage biking to work
  • Apples at the bottom of the stairs provide a healthy snack while providing electrical savings from not running elevators

If you haven’t already made it a point to visit the Treehouse Memorial City, we hope you do soon.

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