Studio REDArchitects

Project Spotlight: Mims Baptist Church

Construction has been completed for an addition for Conroe-area Mims Baptist Church after Studio RED Architects created a comprehensive campus design early last year. Serving as a complement to the congregation’s main worship space built over 15 years ago, the new facility includes adult educational classrooms, a children’s preschool, and a banquet hall.

Project Spotlight: Fort Bend Community Church

Design and construction for the newest addition to the Ft. Bend Community Church campus has been completed. Commissioned in 2008 to create a master plan for church growth, Studio RED Architects have been working closely with Pastor Brian Lam and the church’s Building Committee to design a new multi-purpose educational building.

Project Spotlight: 3rd Floor Bar

Studio RED Architects completed the design of the newest Midtown bar, 3rd Floor, in July. Just down the street from Studio RED’s offices, 3rd Floor is a unique space that incorporates both industrial and old-world style to create a warm and inviting lounge atmosphere.

Project Spotlight: 3D Printer

With a tool that takes designs from conceptual to constructable, Studio RED is able to fully communicate their ideas with each other during the design process, as well as with the clients once the design has been completed.

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