The Greenest Building in Texas


Studio RED Architects is proud to announce that the TreeHouse Memorial City is now LEED® certified to the Platinum level by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). With a score of 95 points, this project has achieved LEED® for Building Design and Construction: Core and Shell Development (LEED® BD+C: Core and Shell) at the Platinum Level, marking this project as the highest credit point total in Texas, and the second highest in the U.S. for this rating system. The TreeHouse also received LEED® for Interior Design and Construction (LEED® ID+C) at the Platinum Level.


This LEED® double-Platinum project employs multiple green design strategies to achieve a healthy building for its habitants, while also reducing energy and water waste. The energy saving strategies, which reduce the building’s energy costs to nearly 50 percent of a baseline office building, include geo-thermal wells, solar panels, energy efficient lighting, high performance glazing, building automation, and a vegetated roof. In addition to insulating the building, the planted roof mitigates the “heat island” effect created by traditional roofs and site paving. Water-saving features include reduced irrigation requirements and low-flow plumbing fixtures.

“The level of this building’s sustainable strategies should lead the way for other commercial developments in large cities,” says Pete Ed Garrett, Partner, Studio RED Architects. “The TreeHouse serves as a leading example of how commercial buildings can be environmentally sustainable while providing a high quality experience to tenants.”

Treehouse Memorial City LEED PLATINUM | Studio RED Architects

Kristi Byers of Studio RED Architects served as sustainability manager on the project, which was completed in just 10 months. Byers describes what the architectural firm totes to clients as a multi-faceted benefit to sustainable design, The Triple Bottom Line: people, planet and profit.

“This building is going to be great for the people who work there and visit the project. It’s great for the environment because of the way that it utilizes resources, it’s going to be a great neighbor and it’s going to cost the owners 50 percent less to operate because of the energy saving aspects we incorporated into the building,” Byers says.

Treehouse Memorial City LEED PLATINUM| Studio RED Architects

Projects with sustainable efforts and strategies of this scale are due to a whole-hearted commitment to green design on the part of the client and all members of their selected team. “It took everyone on this team committed to seeing this through,” Byers says. “From a very strong passion on the part of the owner, to bringing in a great contractor and engineers who were able to complete their work to specifications; We are so ecstatic with the end result.”

See more images of the TreeHouse Memorial City here, and watch the project overview video released by the Houston architectural firm here.

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